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Miami 100% Brokerage $19.99 per month for Realtors

Luxury Real Estate Group is a 100% commission Miami real estate brokerage. We provide experienced agents and Realtors the best 100% commission model in the business. Realtors pay only $19.99 per month and $99 to close a sale or $49 a rental. $29 on rentals with a commission of $250 or less. Commercial or business brokering there is a 95/5 split. 
Why are we the best 100% broker in Florida and Miami?

Simple and affordable, we focus on what we do best for experienced agents and Realtors who practice real estate in Miami. This is, customer service to you and getting you paid at closing. Support is here when you need it. We don’t do what other 100% brokers do or promise. Much of which most agents don’t need or use in th first place.  

Our brokerage has all contract paperwork in our back office and does not require an abundant amount of extra contracts or addendums outside of what is required by FREC. We even offer e-sign, e&o insurance and a way for Miami agents to earn over 100% with our non- mandatory compliance or processing fee you can have a buyer or seller pay on each transaction. Experienced agents only.

We also service Broward, Palm Beaches, St.Lucie and Martin counties through RAPB or soon to be Broward, Palm Beaches and St. Lucie Realtors, the entire Orlando area through membership in ORRA and Naples through NABOR. 

Example of how agents earn over 100%.
We have a $295, $395 or $495 compliance or processing  fee you can charge a buyer or seller. When you use this in your transaction you receive 50% of it. You see how our model makes our agents over 100%? If not, please call Jared Dalto Luxury Real Estate Group at 561-676-2200 or fill out the form to be contacted.

We do allow only a very select few who are new agents but they either they must have extensive business experience or some other professional business or businesses they have worked in. We look at this one case by case basis.

Switching to our brokerage is simple however you must get a listing transfer form signed by your broker. Remember, an agent cannot simply cancel a listing and relist it with another broker. They are the brokers listings. 

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