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$19.99 per month
100% commission
SIGN UP TODAY Pay just $99 on a purchase or sale transaction. $49 for a rental transaction. That is it. For Realtors in: Miami, Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny Isles Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tampa Sarasota, Orlando, Naples, Jacksonville, Fort Myers All other cities in the counties of Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Sarasota, Duval, Hillsborough, Collier and Lee FL

Luxury Real Estate Group

formerly called transaction fee See if we are in your county EARN OVER 100% YOUR 1ST CLOSING. THE FASTEST IN THE INDUSTRY Commercial 95/5

Agents, Top Producers, Teams
Commercial 95/5


Agents in Florida receive 100% commissions plus up to an additional commission of $247.50 on each and every closing! Our most popular and best agent plan. Pay just $19.99 on the 1st of every month and keep 100% of your commission. Just do what you do best and earn more money. Now is your time to make a move in real estate. Brokers are taking unnecessary commissions out of your pocket. We help more agents earn over 100% faster and easier.$99 to close a purchase or sale transaction and just $49 to close a rental. That is it.

100% Commission Plan for Florida Licensed Agents
We only bring on experienced agents. You must show us closed transactions in the MLS. We do not recruit new agents and train them. Special circumstances can apply. Please contact us

The $19.99 monthly fee you pay can be paid for every year! This is how.
A non-mandatory brokerage commission fee (formerly called transaction fee) of $295, $395 or $495 can be used on every single one of your transactions whether a buyer or seller side. From this additional commission fee you earn 50%

Example: Agent pays a monthly fee of $19.99. Agent uses the non-mandatory brokerage commission fee of $495. At closing, agent receives not only 100% commission but also 50% of the additional non-mandatory commission fee. That is an extra $247.50! With just one closing, an agent would pay for the entire year of his/her monthly fee of $19.99. It’s simple and makes agents more money.

You can see how having a broker that gives back to agents is the best brokerage to be with. When times are tough you will be happy to have more money in your pocket. We want agents to have the ability to provide the most to their customers. By not having additional high fees it gives you more money to be creative and do more business.

Teams with your team of buyer’s agents you can see how they can pay for themselves with the commission fee agreement.

Under this plan you are strictly a referral agent.

90/10 commission split plus up to an additional commission of $346.50 on each and every closing!

If you also work with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants directly instead of being exclusively a referral agent, the fee is $481 per year as this is the assessment the Realtors Association has the broker pay for agents who do not join any board.

You can still earn an additional commission of up to $346.50 on each closing.

A non-mandatory brokerage commission fee (formerly called transaction fee) of $295, $395 or $495 can be used on every single one of your transactions whether a buyer or seller side. From this additional commission fee you earn 70% as this offsets the cost of services offered to your client.


You’ll Have Two Brokers’ Cell Phone Numbers as an LREG Agent for Support

Luxury Real Estate Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer and the best and most economical agent focused, one hundred percent plus commission broker in the business to help agents make more than 100% in Florida.The broker is behind the agents and believes in the real estate business and wants all agents who are ethical, honest and trustworthy to make the most money possible with the broker backing them in their real estate careers. The best way to do this is to get as much money in your pocket as possible from every single closing.

You generate your own leads, why share your commission with the broker? Why pay for other agents to receive training? Why abide by the traditional brokerage system of added office or franchise fees for you to perform your job? Not to mention the broker’s spilt. Luxury Real Estate Group is giving you the opportunity to succeed in real estate with a plan no other real estate broker is offering. As a Realtor you received your training grew your business and created your own career in real estate, now grow your business and earn more than 100%!

We work for real estate agents and broker associates in Miami, Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Naples, Jacksonville, Fort Myers and all other cities in the counties of Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Collier, Lee Fl, Bartow, Polk, Englewood, Lakeland, Pinellas, Osceola, Charlotte, Lake, Sumter, Manatee, Volusia, Pasco, St. Lucie, Martin, Marion and Flagler.


Simple, two brokers working hand in hand to efficiently and effectively run a brokerage with as little overhead as possible.

Luxury Real Estate Group is the first Florida broker to give agents the opportunity to earn over 100% with each transaction using our brokerage’s non-mandatory commission fee agreement.

Agents are leaving their old real estate brokers wanting to earn more money, since they pay for their own advertising, farming, phones, photography and marketing materials. The old models are outdated with the onslaught of agents wanting to receive everything they earn. Luxury Real Estate Group is changing this right now.

Our agent focused model ensures our FL agents earn over 100% in the fastest way possible.

We serve agents in Miami, Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Naples, Jacksonville, Fort Myers and all other cities in the counties of Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Sarasota, Duval, Hillsborough, Collier and Lee.

Why Join Us

Our Promise to our Agents

We are brokers and agents ourselves and know the triumphs of closing a deal you worked hard for as you felt the inspiration of helping someone buy or sell their first home. We dedicate ourselves to you and as we grow, promise to you nothing but support, innovation and as much money in your pocket as possible.


Get Paid at Closing

With our disbursement authorization letter provided by the broker to you for the title company, 99.9% of our agents get paid at the closing table directly.


There are no extra fees for E&O with our brokerage.


Manage all your customers, transactions and pipelines.


Refer an agent and earn extra income passively

Our in-house title company is the largest privately owned with the most closed transactions in the State of Florida. A true powerhouse in the title business with two in-house attorneys.


What is in a name? A name is everything to a brokerage business and this is why having a name like Luxury Real Estate Group for you to use is important. It’s about branding and when you hand someone a business card or say your company name nothing says it more than the word luxury. You are in a business where people will judge you and make decisions based on what they hear and see.You help homeowners with buying and selling the most valued assets they have, their home or investment property. It is worth a lot to them. A $150,000 home is luxurious to someone who worked their whole life to buy it. The same is true of someone who owns a $1,500,000 home. So when you present your business card and you tell someone who you are, Luxury Real Estate Group has the name to back your professional service and business.


We understand that not every Realtor wants to have a traditional model they are obligated to work within. We support your creativity to think outside the box as long as you are being ethical, honest and working within the law. With new brokerages popping up all the time with creative options for buyers and sellers, now you can do it as well.


As Realtors, you can always take advantage of the FAR legal hotline at 407.438.1409 for legal help. Otherwise if you need broker support, have a problem with something, or need to run something by us, we are here to help. What’s more, when you call us, you are not reaching an administrative staff or intermediary to the broker, you are reaching the broker directly!


Only $19.99 per month. The quickest way to earning over 100%. Luxury Real Estate Group can compensate agents above their 100% earned commissions paying you more from each transaction you close.


Agents want simple paperwork. The Florida contracts provided by our boards were written by attorneys. We won’t overload you with additional company forms that are not strictly necessary. The user friendly interface of our online platform gives you the checklist of the minimum requirements to stay compliant and get your paperwork reviewed in a timely manner.


Do you use your commission to invest in your own marketing, pay for a professional website, invest in your education, pay your board membership, use the board resources to stay informed, and on top of all of that give a portion of your hard earned commission to your broker? With LREG you receive 100% of the investment you make in your career. We take nothing from you. In fact, we have found a way you can earn more! Always more!

This truly is a 100% plus commission program for experienced, independent professionals.


We will not tell you what commissions you should or should not charge when it comes to listing a home for sale or if you want to rebate back to a buyer. This is your decision as a Realtor. You can provide flat rate or a la carte for homeowners.


Since there are no quotas we welcome part time real estate agents in joining us.

Free Opcity leads

What we don’t do

Agents join us because they want 100% + commissions, less hassles and the headaches with other brokerages. Take charge of your own career as a Realtor. earn more commissions.

    • No franchise fee


    • No desk fees


    • No Floortime


    • No quotas


    • No dress code


    • No office drama


    • No office space fees:

      Because our agents work from home and have their own virtual tools, lead generation programs and experience there is no need for more fees.


    • No games


    • No training for new agents

      We do not hire new licensees. Our program is exclusively for agents who have already created a career as licensed associates and are looking to start earning more taking advantage of the experience they’ve acquired.


    • No frills


  • You’re in this business to profit from your professionalism and the name you’ve created for yourself. Luxury Real Estate Group is here to support that. We all contribute to help the public buy and sell their most valuable investments.

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