Welcome agents to our new Florida brokerage

From our hand to yours across the web we welcome you to Luxury Real Estate Group. Our new brokerage model is officially open for business. We look forward to growing with you and your unique ideas to make agents more money for their real estate transactions in Florida. Now available in the major counties in […]

Market change = less transactions = You need more %

When the market changes, like it is now; one must position themselves to preserve the most commissions earned from every transaction they close. Interest rates are rising and if you haven’t noticed there is a slowdown in the amount of transactions being closed. An agent can keep more commissions with a 100% brokerage model such […]

Say NO To Big Box Brokerages

Where do you want to hang your license? This questions is loaded because maybe it’s time for a change and say no to Wall Street brokerages. You know that most are working for publicly traded companies and lining the pockets of the top 3% right? Maybe it’s time to stop feeding the Walmart brokers and […]

100% Commission for Royal Palm Coast Realtors

Are you a Realtor member of the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association? If you answer yes, you will want to make the switch to Luxury Real Estate Group. The name says it all in real estate. Whether it is a $100,000 or $1,000,000,000 home, it is a significant amount of money to the individual you […]

What makes us different?

I’ll tell you what the big difference is with Luxury Real Estate Group. We are run by 2 brokers who are young, motivated and we have at least 40 years left in the brokerage business. You will be onboarded with the Designated Broker not an admin or manager. This is a big deal. We have […]

2020 the year of 100%

Happy New year 2020! Why are you still paying frivolous fees to your broker? You must get 100%. We’ve made this so easy for an agent to do. Luxury Real Estate Group is the best 100% brokerage in Florida. Why? Because we keep our operations lean and do what we do best. That is efficiency […]

Miami 100% Commission Broker. $19.99 per month for Realtors

Luxury Real Estate Group is a Miami 100% commission broker. We provide experienced agents and Realtors the best 100% commission model in the business. Realtors pay only $19.99 per month and $99 to close a sale or $49 a rental. $29 on rentals with a commission of $250 or less. Commercial or business brokering, there is a 95/5 split.  Why […]

Florida 100% Brokerage for $19.99 per month. For Agents, Realtors.

Luxury Real Estate Group is your broker in Florida to join for 100% commissions. We started with a simple plan to offer a low cost monthly fee for agents to join and only a $99 transaction fee to close out your sale. We have brought on teams of agents and they just tell us what […]

Now members of Royal Palm Coast Realtors Association

We are happy to announce that Luxury Real Estate Group is now a member of the Royal Palm Coast Realtors Association (RPCRA). Agents can now join the board and benefit by marketing themselves as Luxury Real Estate Group and take advantage of the growth we are experiencing throughout Florida. Agents pay only $19.99 per month […]