How to choose a 100% brokerage in Florida as a Realtor. Real estate agents deserve the best.

One should consider many factors when choosing a real estate broker to activate your license with a 100% brokerage in Florida. Luxury Real Estate Group believes the most important factors below are critical to a long-term relationship between Realtor and broker. There are many 100% models to choose from, so your decision should be well thought out before you make your choice. We keep it simple and do our best not to change so you can do what you do best, close transactions. 

1. A broker says you get 100% commission, but what does that really mean? Are there any additional fees you pay at closing? Are there any annual fees? What about errors and omissions insurance?  Do they have outrageous fines for violating their policies and procedures manual?

For Luxury Real Estate Group, an agent pays the brokerage $19.99 per month, only $199 to close a sale and just $99 for a rental. You pay $100 for the first transaction every year towards E&O, and anything over 1M an additional $100 to close the sale. Commercial transactions are at a 95/5 split. Agents can use our non-mandatory administrative or processing fee with their customers of $295, $395 or $495 and receive 50% of it back. This means you do not pay the $149 to close out the transaction with us. It’s very easy to make over 100% with us.

It is important to know your company’s policies and procedures. We do have as part of our policies and procedures a fine for non-compliance of $99 if you violate our terms however, as of the date of this posting we’ve only out of thousands of closed transactions fined about 5 agents. We understand there is a learning curve when you switch to a new broker and are reasonable real estate professionals. Also, if you leave you can bring your listings with you.

We typically only activate agents with experience. With the 100% brokerage model, we provide new agents a mentorship with one of our experienced agents. If you are not 100% sure how to professionally handle a transaction from contract to closing and protect a buyer or seller in a transaction, then you need more experience and training. You must have experience. You must protect the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant.

2. Who runs the 100% brokerage? Who will you be in contact with on a daily basis or there when you need help?

It is important to know Luxury Real Estate Group is not run like a large corporation. It’s run like a small family run business. There is no separate manager you must go through to get to a broker, administrative person who handles paperwork, no separate billing department or designated worker for closing transactions and getting you paid. 

Luxury Real Estate Group is run by two brokers. Camila Murata and Jared Dalto.

The designated broker is Camila Murata and she is a treasure chest of professionalism, reason, knowledge, and approachability. She believes in what is right and learning from every experience that presents itself as real estate professionals. Solutions are a top priority when working with customers and other cooperating brokers. She speaks Spanish as well.

Jared Dalto is the secondary broker and has been a Realtor since 2003. He has closed hundreds of transactions so there are very few new situations that arise that he does not have a solution for. Again, finding solutions before they become problems is key to success in any business. He’s here to help agents who’ve got questions or any concerns.

Where is the office? Do you need an office?

Luxury Real Estate Group is a 100% virtual brokerage office. Although some of our agents wanted branch offices for themselves to use as an office, we have no intention of opening expensive office space. After all, we want our agents to make the most they can from every closing. We found that most agents do not need a physical office and already work from their homes. 

The office software and requirements of an agent.

Our back-office software is a cloud-based solution and is the heart of the transaction paperwork. It is where an agent starts a file when they have an executed contract of any type. Whether it’s a listing agreement or an executed purchase contract. It’s where you upload escrow letters and addendums. It’s where you put the contacts for a transaction, like the other cooperating Realtor and title company closing the transaction. It’s where you enter in the contract price, commission owed and who is getting paid what. We’ve heard comments from agents who switched to our brokerage who’ve said it is a much simpler back office than their previous broker used. 

What’s in a name?

  • What do you want to say on your business card when you hand it to them?
  • When you pick up the phone and say who you are, what name do you want to use?
  • When you wear a name tag on your shirt with your company name it matters in the world of real estate.

You are helping people buy and sell the most expensive asset it their lives typically.  Do you want to be associated with ABC 100% real estate or Luxury Real Estate Group? I think the choice is obvious.  We have agents who came to our brokerage because they deal with high-end properties and the name they present is very important to them.

To summarize Luxury Real Estate Group is:

  • A 100% real estate brokerage in Florida and members of ORRA (Orlando), NABO (Naples), Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, Pensacola, and St. Lucie and the Royal Palm Coast Association of Realtors.
  • A lean, well run and organized brokerage. This means less corporate red tape.
  • Broker owned and Broker run. You get 2 brokers to communicate with and have both their cell phone numbers. 
  • Efficiency in getting paid. We prioritize getting you paid fast.
  • Paperwork review and support to ensure compliance.
  • Luxury Real Estate Group. The name of the brokerage you are associated with matters to the public. 
  • We are run like a small brokerage. You don’t go to different departments to get paid, for billing, support, or get a receptionist or manager.
  • You can always make more than 100%.
  • We are reasonable business professionals and treat you as a professional.

Luxury Real Estate Group is driven to achieve long term success as a brokerage by continuing to grow and expand throughout Florida.


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