Market change = less transactions = You need more %

When the market changes, like it is now; one must position themselves to preserve the most commissions earned from every transaction they close. Interest rates are rising and if you haven’t noticed there is a slowdown in the amount of transactions being closed. An agent can keep more commissions with a 100% brokerage model such as ours. Positioning yourself early in any market cycle is important. I believe that time is now. With higher interest rates squeezing buyers out of their price ranges sellers will have to reduce prices to make them affordable. Another scenario is sellers will decide not to move since they have locked in a low interest rate. Real estate brokerages now-a-days don’t have to do much for an agent since agents typically cultivate their own leads, pay for their own business cards, marketing and any additional services they provide like membership to the MLS, electronic signature program (we provide this for free) and property analysis. Why should a broker take 10,20,30 or more percentage to hold your license? If you are seeing a reduction in your transactions and seeing your broker taking whatever percentage they are taking, the time to make a move may be now. Where will the market be in 6 months or 1 year from now. What if interest rates reach 6-7%? This is going to eliminate many homes that buyers were once targeting. They will now be out of their price range. This is a difficult scenario. Luxury Real Estate Group can help you through this transition and keep 100% of your commissions for only $19.99 per month. Just contact us to discuss your needs.


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