Say NO To Big Box Brokerages

Where do you want to hang your license?

This questions is loaded because maybe it’s time for a change and say no to Wall Street brokerages. You know that most are working for publicly traded companies and lining the pockets of the top 3% right? Maybe it’s time to stop feeding the Walmart brokers and come over to the local main street brokerage. You know shopping local is the thing to do now. Supporting local businesses to bring back small businesses to the local economy. We are that. We want Florida Realtors to come to a firm that is a small family business.

Look at Zillow. Now they want to flip homes. What is next? When Wall Street wants more money they will go into the pockets of whomever they want are to get it. When the individual says no it does change things. When you work for one of those brokers who do you think the top people are and what do you think they earn? I’ll tell you, millions and millions. So, do you want to keep feeding them or yourself and local business?

Say NO to Big Box Brokers

We cater to professional experienced agents who want to seprate themselves from the pack. Our 100% model is unique and very personal. The broker is available when you call not like many who have a manager help you.

What happens when the market is slow? How much do you currently pay your current broker? I bet too much. We’ve made it possible for you to make over 100% with your first closing with us. Call Jared Dalto 561-676-2200 to talk about your real estate career in Florida.


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