What makes us different?

I’ll tell you what the big difference is with Luxury Real Estate Group. We are run by 2 brokers who are young, motivated and we have at least 40 years left in the brokerage business.

You will be onboarded with the Designated Broker not an admin or manager. This is a big deal. We have a professional onboarding to make sure you understand what makes us so special. The broker takes the time to jump into the back office system we use to make sure you understand it. This is not the software training program that the software provider offers but a way to get on the same page as the broker. We want an agent to be successful with us. Once you are with us you will see we are available for you.

We keep a lean run Florida brokerage that offers 100% to our agents. We keep our operation simple and do what we do best. We don’t offer the free business cards or promise you leads or make you recruit new agents, call you all the time to make sure you are producing. What we do want you to provide is customer service to customers you serve. This is the most important thing we all can do as Realtors.

So contact us now to find out more. Simple, affordable and professional. Luxury Real Estate Group.


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