100% Commission for Royal Palm Coast Realtors

Are you a Realtor member of the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association? If you answer yes, you will want to make the switch to Luxury Real Estate Group. The name says it all in real estate. Whether it is a $100,000 or $1,000,000,000 home, it is a significant amount of money to the individual you are helping. It is luxury, no matter the price. Not everyone can afford a home worldwide, and every customer you work with should be treated the same. You would want the same for your own family or yourself.

We are actively recruiting real estate agents who are members of the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association to join Luxury Real Estate Group. for $19.99 per month; you get 100% commissions. Just $149 for a closed sale and $99 on a rental. Why would you go anywhere else? Part-time or full-time, it makes sense.

Luxury Real Estate Group is changing how agents earn 100% commissions. Stop paying corporate executives and shareholders. Be local and hang your license with a local small Florida brokerage run by 2 brokers from their home office. Low overhead makes our brokerage something new. Say no to big box brokerages. Let them continue to think about the future. Royal Palm Coast Realtors market and attract their own business, so why should you pay your brokerage so much when it closes? We only take on true professionals in this business with experience. Our business model is for the agent. We are personal, and every agent who comes on board with us is family. They represent us and all other agents with Luxury Real Estate Group.

Contact us for an interview, and let us learn about you and your business. Start earning what you work for and fire your current broker. Yes, fire your broker and come over to us.


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