Welcome agents to our new Florida brokerage

From our hand to yours across the web, we welcome you to Luxury Real Estate Group. Formed in June 2015, our new brokerage model is officially open for business. We look forward to growing with you and your unique ideas to make agents more money for their real estate transactions in Florida.

Now available in the major counties in Florida, including  Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pensacola, Collier, and Lee. Don’t see your area listed? Please contact us anyway. We’ve been known to open up an area for outstanding agents. We look forward to serving you in your success and providing the cooperation you deserve. Thinking outside the box makes agents more money, and we love this aspect of the business. The old brokerage model is dead and not needed. It’s like saying a shopping mall is necessary when you can buy anything you want online. Your success is our success.

We are ready for agents in almost all counties in Florida to jump on board at $19.99 per month. We have some other options, but unless you are a very productive agent with a team and need a Qualifying Broker of Record, the $19.99 plan seems to work for most agents. Agents now have the ability to earn more than ever before with a bare-bones brokerage model that has the sole goal of making agents more money.

Welcome agents to the new 100% brokerage model. We are Luxury Real Estate Group; look forward to hearing from you.


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